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Asian / Sushi

Since I was a little guy watching Bruce Lee Movies, I have been excited about Asian Food and Culture. I studied under Master Chef Bill Sy in culinary school and he was a major inspiration. Through my years of cooking, I spent about 5+ years studying sushi. I worked as Sous Chef at an Asian fusion wine bar for a year and helped to run an Asian/Sushi restaurant in Jackson Hole for 2 years, where I was able to explore many techniques that I still use today. In addition to this, I spent a month in Bali where I took a cooking course with an amazing food stop in Korea on the way. All of this experience has made the vast array of Asian cuisine a major specialty in my skill set

- All of the Menus listed below are things that we have done in the past and are meant to show the variety of items we offer. We are happy to consult with you to create a custom menu based off your likes and dislikes, dietary restrictions, and preferences. 

- Let us know if you would like suggestions for Beer, Liquor, or Wine pairings.


5 Course Menu

Spinach/ Arugula/Avocado/ Cucumber/ Snap Pea/ Cherry Tomato/ Slivered Almonds/ Cilantro Jalapeño Miso Vinaigrette


Yuzu Kosho Shrimp (Sous Vide in Butter)/ Savory Szechuan Pepper and Coriander Rub/ Yuzu/ Togarashi Aioli/ Black Noodles/ Ponzu Dashi/ Green Onion/ Micros


Chef Rich's Crazy Asian Hot Wings/ Szechuan Pepper Soy Glaze/ Sesame/ Green Onion


Choice of Steak or Chicken (Marinated/ Sous Vide/ Seared)/ Black Rice Stir Fry (Squash/ Edamame/ Red Pepper)/ Carrot Ginger Puree/ Togarashi Crispy Carrots


Ginger Vanilla Creme Brulee/ Berry Whipped Cream/ Kiwi/ Mango


7 Course Menu


Italian Anchovy Nigiri/ Wasabi/ Soy/ Lemon Zest

Roasted Shishito Peppers/ Lime/ Bonito Flake/ Soy/ Togarashi/ Sesame Oil and Seeds

Seared Scallop/ Crispy Prosciutto/ Tomato Dashi (Poured Tableside)/ Wakame Seaweed/ Edible Orchid

Charred Broccolini/ Oyster Sauce/ Quail Egg/ Rice Noodle Nest

Whole Grilled Snapper/ Chili Ponzu/ Seaweed Salad/ Kimchi

Hoisin Braised Lamb Shank/ Wild Mushroom Risotto/ Pickled Enoki Mushrooms/ Wasabi Foam

Coconut Rice Pudding/ Mango Chutney/ Cotton Candy Grape Sorbet/ Yellow Kiwi

4 Course Menu

Cold Soba Noodles/ Cucumber/ Seaweed/ Carrot/ Daikon Sprouts/ Sesame/ Ponzu Dashi


Chef Rich's Crazy Asian Hot Wings/ Szechuan Peppercorn Glaze/ Thai Basil/ Sesame/ Green Onion


Hoisin Pork Tenderloin (Marinated/ Sous Vide/ Seared)/ Garlic Wasabi Pomme Puree (French Style Mashed Potatoes)/ Ginger Broccoli/ Crispy Togarashi Carrots


Pineapple Thai Basil Sorbet/ Seasonal Asian Fruit/ Berries

3 Course Menu


#1 Tuna Sashimi/ Tobiko/ Yuzu Ponzu/ Nasturtium Flower/ Chives

Cumin Seared Salmon/ Cilantro lime Jasmine Rice/ Carrot Ginger Puree/ Lightly Pickled Zucchini/ Micro Radish

Peach Brulee/ Vanilla Cake/ Ginger Vanilla Ice Cream

Sashimi/Roll Platters/Appetizers/3 Courses

Sashimi: #1 Tuna/ Bluefin Toro/ Kona Kampachi/ Tai (Snapper)

Rolls: Southwest Spicy Kampachi/ Tuna Cucumber Shiso/ Softshell Crab/ Tempura Shrimp

Appetizers: Pork Vegetable Pot Stickers with Chile Ponzu/ Shishito Peppers Japanese Style

Plated Courses:

Organic Greens/ Mandarin Oranges/ Strawberries/ Cucumber/ Pickled Red Onions/ Sunflower Seeds/ Sesame Ginger Vinaigrette

5 Star Mishima Wagyu New York/ Roasted Ginger Broccolini/ Aromatic Beet Puree/ Crispy Togarashi Carrots

Coconut Vanilla Panna Cotta/ Mango/ Kiwi/ Blueberry/ Crispy Coconut

Sashimi/Sushi/Rolls/2 Courses


Sashimi: #1 Grade Tuna/ Black Tobiko/ Micro Greens/ Yuzu Ponzu


Kona Kanpachi Sashimi (Sustainable Fish from Hawaii) Tobiko, Purple Shiso, Chili Ponzu, Togarashi


Nigiri Assortment: #1 Tuna, Kampachi, Scottish Salmon Belly, Paired with High Grade Soy, Wasabi, and Special Garnish


Rolls: Kampachi Special Roll/ Poblano/ Avocado Roll, Topped with Spicy Kampachi, Kampachi Sashimi, Spicy Aoli, Cilantro

Spicy Tuna and Cucumber Roll, Topped with Tuna Sashimi, Purple Shiso, Black Tobiko, Ponzu, Togarashi


Plated Courses:

Wasabi Crusted Beef Tataki

Coconut Sushi Rice, Nori, Unagi Sauce, Sesames


Assorted Mochi Dessert/ Green Tea/ Mango/ Chocolate/ Black Sesame/ Vanilla Chantilly

Let's Consult Together To Create Something Amazing!

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