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Italian / French

Italian food has always been a favorite of mine and I was very excited when I got to learn how to make Traditional Pasta from an Italian grandmother years ago.

Making Pasta is a labor of love. It takes time, care, and you cant want it... You must Knead it... haha!

I love making everything from Sheet Pasta like Pappardelle and Fettuccini to Stuffed Pasta like Butternut Squash Agnolotti and Crab Ravioli.

French Cuisine was never something I experienced growing up, so it was a major game changer when I learned about it in culinary school. The refinement and history of French cooking immediately peaked my interest. The labor and passion involved in making sauces from scratch is something that truly excites me. My time working with Executive Chef Matty Love at the Amangani Hotel in Jackson Hole, Wy widened my eyes beyond what I learned in school and at the Four Seasons.

Since then, I have had a great passion for learning more about both styles of cuisine.

- All of the Menus listed below are things that we have done in the past and are meant to show the variety of items we offer. We are happy to consult with you to create a custom menu based off your likes and dislikes, dietary restrictions, and preferences. 

- Let us know if you would like suggestions for Beer, Liquor, or Wine pairings.


7 Course Menu

Chesapeake Bay Oyster/ Red Wine Mignonette/ Borage Flower

Scallop/ Italian Royal Oscietra Caviar/ Meyer Lemon Hollandaise 


Crispy Sweetbreads/ Herb White Wine Buerre Blanc/ Capers/ Micro Arugula

Fall Squash Soup/ Herb Goat Cheese Mousse/ Pumpkin Seeds


Fois Gras/ Fried Brioche Crumble/ Poached Pear/ Port Wine Reduction


Petit Filet (Marinated/ Sous Vide/ Seared)/ King Trumpet Mushroom/ Caramelized Onion Green Peppercorn Bordelaise

Lemon Meringue/ Lemon Custard/ Lemon Cream/ Strawberries/ Mint

5 Course Menu


Brie/ Fig Jam/ Prosciutto/ Rosemary Cracker

Roasted Beets/ Gorgonzola Mousse/ Candied Walnuts/ Microgreens


Colorado Lamb Lollipop/ Garlic Confit Herb Compound Butter


Duck Breast/ Sweet Potato Gnocchi/ Herb Brown Butter / Blackberry Gastrique


Fall Spiced Apple Compote/ Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream/ Strudel Powder

4 Course Menu



Garlic Butter Poached Shrimp/ Lemon Pepper Cocktail Sauce/ Micro Chives


Burrata/ Pea Shoots/ Crispy Prosciutto/ Garlic Ciabatta Toast Point/ Beet White Balsamic Vinaigrette


Chicken Roulade/ Handmade Fettuccine/ Garden Pomodoro/ Aged Parmesan


Chocolate Creme Brulee/ Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream/ Berries

Charcuterie Platter + 3 Course Menu

Charcuterie Platter/ Peppered Salami/ Genoa Salami/ Prosciutto/ Calabrese/Blue Cheese/ Brie/ Truffled Pecorino/ Aged Irish Cheddar/ Crackers/ Toast Points/ Fig Jam/ Dried Fruits/ Assorted Nuts


Modernist Caprese- Garden Tomatoes/ Fresh Mozzarella/ Balsamic Caviar/ Basil Powder/ Fried Basil


Teres Major Steak (Marinated/ Sous Vide/ Seared)/ Truffled Gnocchi/ Farmers Market Vegetables/ Aged Parmesan/ Garlic Shallot Beurre Blanc/ Garden Pesto


Deconstructed Tiramisu- Espresso Mascarpone Ice Cream/ Lady Fingers/ Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans/ Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream/ Strawberry

3 Course Menu

Garden Tomato Bisque/ Fried Basil/ Garlic Ciabatta Crouton/ Balsamic Reduction


Pork Osso Bucco/ Confit Purple Potatoes/ Roasted Carrot/  Apple Celery Root Puree/ Micro Chive/ Braising Jus


Vanilla Ice Cream/ Berry Sauce/ Strudel Powder/ Blackberry/ Raspberry

3 Course Menu

"Panzanella Salad"/ Garden Tomatoes/ Marinated Olives/ Roasted Red Pepper/ Cucumber/ Pickled Red Onions/ Mozzarella/ Italian Sourdough Croutons/ Herb Red Wine Vinaigrette

Handmade Pappardelle Pasta/ Wagyu Beef Bolognese Sauce/ Aged Parmesan/ Microgreens


Chocolate Creme Brulee/ Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream/ Berries

Let's Consult Together To Create Something Amazing!

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